Kenneth Dart owns and serves on the Board of Directors of Dart Enterprises. Dart Realty Cayman, a portfolio company of Dart Enterprises, is also owned by Ken. He is involved in other recreational and commercial real estate development and retail operations in the Cayman Islands, including Cayman Shores Development, the developer of Camana Bay. Ken also serves on the Board of Directors of Dart Container Corporation and owns Dart NeuroScience.

Ken Dart's companies in the Cayman Islands employ in excess of 500 employees and are committed to employee development, mentoring and professional growth. Dart Cayman Islands will soon be launching a Scholarship programme targeted at students entering grade 9 (Year 10) to foster academic excellence in math and science through financial support, job experience and mentoring.

After Hurricane Ivan devastated Grand Cayman in September 2004, the Dart Foundation donated $1 million to the National Recovery Fund, which helped repair or rebuild numerous homes. The Dart Foundation, in which Ken Dart is a board member, has also provided funding in Cayman for the development of public parks in each of Grand Cayman's five districts, the Central Caribbean Marine Institute, the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands, the Cayman Islands Little League, the Cayman Maritime Heritage, Young Caymanian Leadership Awards, and Cayman National Cultural Foundation supporting the Miss Lassie Project.